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Creating a Healthier and Happier Community, Where People and Businesses Thrive

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About Plexus Wellbeing

Plexus Wellbeing is a registered C.I.C. in Leeds, which focusses on supporting businesses who care about their people. We work to support health, wellness and personal development, whilst shining a light on local SME's and independents across the area.
We provide diverse and tailored training and engagement services for businesses. These help management support their people more effectively, and their people support the company and each other by being the best versions of themselves.
We have organised, hosted and supported a series of community focussed events across Leeds since November 2021. These include networking events, educational events, community events and heath and wellness events. 
Learn more below!

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Our Values

What We Believe In

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Community Service
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Encouraging good physical and mental health


Creating an atmosphere of positivity across our society for one and all

Local Business

Supporting and partnering with local businesses

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Business Services

We provide a diverse and tailored range of personal development and wellbeing services to businesses of all scales. With each service we offer, we consult with the business and its people to understand their requirements. This allows us to provide a more bespoke service, which is provided by our highly qualified and experienced team of consultants.

IT Consulting

Business Engagement Review

Business meeting

Management Training


Staff Engagement Sessions

Are You Working At Your Best?

This service is a preliminary engagement with the business. We speak directly with management to understand their perspective of the business, as well as their own personal relationship with their work. We then consult staff to understand their perspectives as well. Using all this, we are able to give the business a full appraisal of its staff wellness, team connectivity and development potential.

Helping Managers Support Everybody

We work directly with business managers in either 1:1 or group settings to encourage greater people support throughout the business. Helping strengthen skills such as communication, teamwork, emotional intelligence, stress management, positive habits and perspective-taking. With this, management teams and staff teams across the business are able to communicate and work more effectively, which in turn benefits business productivity.

Supporting the Most Important Part of a Business

We believe people are the focus and in this service we provide a mixture of different sessions, tailored to suit your business size, values and needs. This includes interactive presentations with staff, physical and mental activities, community and staff socials, and wellbeing policy practical application. These services help staff be the best versions of themselves, which in turn improves productivity in their work. But, it also helps them work better together, which has many benefits to the business.

If you'd like to learn more about the team at Plexus Wellbeing C.I.C. who can support you and your company, click below! Or if you want a full business pack for our services, get in touch!

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Community Events in Leeds


Community Networking

A chance for local businesses to connect and get to know each other, whilst also looking at ways to collaborate and support each other!


Speaker Events

Speaker led events where independents and SME's can learn from some of Leeds best professionals across different elements of business, health and wellness.

Wellness Sessions

Community events where we have speakers talk about health and well-being, and give everyone a chance to learn and reflect on their own well-being.


Find Out More!

Check out our events page for past and upcoming events

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Give to Others

Wellbeing Experiences

Wellness is a learned element of our lives, we live, we learn, and we change. Hopefully, this change is for the better as we have difficult times that result in us becoming heathier, more thoughtful and balanced individuals. 
We're pulling some of these experiences together, to show just how much we share in our lives, and provide valuable perspectives. 
Read the first amazing true stories to get great insight into your own wellbeing.

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Leeds No Calorie Directory

An ongoing and growing directory.

Bringing you different eateries and establishments across Leeds that won't be adding the calorie count of their meals to their menus.

Why's this important? Learn more here:

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Get Involved

There are many ways to get involved with Plexus Wellbeing, all of which are key elements to the development and growth of our Community Interest Company. Have a look at some of the ways below, and get in touch for more information.

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Become a Business Partner



Casual Meeting

Join The Team

If you're a local business who is passionate about your people, lets talk about how we can collaborate!

There are so many things going on in Leeds that you can be a part of! Get in touch to find out how you can be a part of some Leeds initiatives!

If you're a skilled professional in the personal development or wellbeing sectors, lets talk about opportunities to support people and businesses across Leeds.

Contact us below to learn more.

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Ready to make an impact? Contact us to learn how we can begin working together.

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