What Is Plexus Wellbeing?

Plexus Wellbeing is a registered Community Interest Company. Founded in 2021 and based in Leeds, our focus is to build an ecosphere of health, wellness and community for Leeds. 

We will be showing you how important your health is, but also just how easy it is to look after your health. The small things really do make a big difference! In the corporate world we know the health and happiness of staff and management has a direct correlation with productivity and effectiveness of both individuals and teams.

We also believe in supporting SME's and local businesses who are the backbone of our city. These people and businesses bring character to our region and because of thus we strive to both shine a light on them, and support them.

Let's all share the community love and grow together!


Why Are We Here

The concept for Plexus Wellbeing came into life during the Covid-19 pandemic, at a truly difficult time for the whole world.

Our inspiration has come from looking at the world around us and believing that a real difference can be made in working with people towards their health and happiness, and with local businesses in their part of our community. Beyond this, we have so much room to grow as people, and there are a ridiculous amount of benefits in this personal development.

Covid-19 was an eye opening experience for us, and we've seen how adversely affected businesses and individuals have been. We want to be a leading ambassador for positivity across each community we work with, both in the recovery post-covid and long after.

There is so much potential in every person, and it's time to pull back the curtain and bring forward the best of us, so we all thrive.


Our Presence in Leeds

What Are We Doing

We are doing a lot and have plenty planned! This isn't going to change, and we're very much just getting started.

Head over to our events page to find details of our past events and some of our upcoming ones too! The best place to find out all the details is on our Instagram.

In the near future, we will be launching our business wellness and development packages. These vary from work events, to training and development sessions, and everything in between. 

We focus on personal development and well-being, both for staff and management. This includes mental health, physical health, learning and development, communication, emotional intelligence and much more!

Take your team on one of our full engagement sessions, have focussed talks at your place of work, or 1:1 training for your management team. To learn more about this service click here.

Our profits will be re-invested into the community by improving our services, supporting charities, collaborating with local businesses to bring you more community events, exhibitions and amazing developments.


Who We Are

The people behind Plexus Wellbeing are people who care about you, your health and your quality of life. We care about small businesses, human rights, positivity, passion and so much more. Founded by Jordan, but built by many. Check out our business support team!

We embrace a strategy of empowering the community from the ground up, facilitating education, well-being, teamwork, leadership opportunities and advocating for changes with a real impact.

We've started as a local project, and we have big dreams for the community. We truly believe in community spirit, both within local business and individuals and we have a lot of work to do, but we know it will make a difference!