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Taking The Leap

It really seems like the last few years has given people a lot of time to reflect and both who they are, and what they want to do with their lives. It seems like a lot of us have taken stock of our world and come to find out some more about our values, and how we want to express those values.

For me, I guess I realised that I wanted to help people, even more than I already may help. For those who don't know I work as a structural engineer and I work on a variety of different schemes, mostly in Yorkshire. I've wanted to be in this industry since I was 6 years old (yehhh that's true) and I've enjoyed it. It does fit in with my drive to help people, but it's say, 40 hours per week. What about the rest of the week?

I first got the idea for Plexus Wellbeing during the pandemic, by observing peoples mental health struggles, physical health suffering, and then small businesses in limbo whilst bigger enterprises endured (and a bunch got a lot richer....). I experienced the first two of the three factors myself. But I thought, how can I create something that helps all of this?!

It was quite an ambitious idea, but I decided to give it some further thought, I had the time to whilst we were in various lockdowns.

I'm fortunate too, as I have a few people around me that I can look to for support. So when I said I had a concept I wanted to explore, three of my friends gave me some time to chat it through, and from that my now business partner has helped me develop the concept to where it is now.

If only it was that simple though... The end product is a service that lets people get offers from local businesses for being active. To build something like that takes a lot of input from different people and businesses. Then there is also a need to develop the technology for this service, and fund it. So so much to do. I spent months chatting to different businesses across Leeds, gauging interest, developing the concept and getting feedback. I sent a survey to around 250 people to get their input too (of which about 100 filled in thankfully). It's been 6 months + of development of the initial 'product'.

I mention this because this week is the big week! It's ready, and it's launching at Graft Haus Gym and Aerial Empire Studio. I'm so grateful to both these businesses for our collaboration, so just want to use this space to say thank you to them!

I'm so excited for this, and pretty scared too, which feels about right haha!

I could go on and on about the process of getting to where we are now (happy to chat with anyone who wants to know more though!), but I decided to write this post to hopefully encourage people to do what I'm trying. I haven't come from a rich family who can throw money at me to explore any business idea I have, it's just taken time to find the right people and resources.

I want everyone to take the leap, to jump into something new with both feet! We always think about the things we want to do, but rarely see them through (or try). That's not a bad thing, but it means the world misses out on your creativity, your skill, your energy.

It does need a few things though. It needs time, effort, determination and the ability to take some constructive criticism (this is ridiculously important to be honest). It's taken me 12 months + so far just to get to the real starting line. I've doubted myself so many times and I've been rejected by different people a lot as well. But, it's all part of the learning curve.

Why do all that? Because, for me anyway, I've learnt so much! I really feel like I'm doing something great and feel hopeful for the future. I've also met some great people along the way too! This whole process has helped me with my confidence, communication, financial skills and emotional intelligence. It's truly been amazing! Even if Plexus Wellbeing is a short lived dream, I know we'll make a difference in that time!

There are people and resources out there to help too. You can find a lot online, but there are people and groups who will support you. I'm now one of them after mu experience. If there's something you want to do that'll help your community, you can talk to me.

Thanks for reading,

Jordan - Founder

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