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Wellbeing Experiences

Updated: Jun 28, 2022

I'll get this blog post started with a thought I've held in my life since starting to think about having my own business. This thought is that I can't do it on my own. I still hold that in my mind as I do my bit to make the world around me a better place in my own way. There are definitely times I feel like I'm in it alone, but that simply isn't true.

I know that I don't have all the answers in wellness, mainly because it's completely subjective. We all have our own experiences, and this means that what works well for me may not for you. If there was one lesson I could teach the entire planet, it's that each person is there own person, with their own experiences, trying to do what they feel is best for them. You can't tell them to do things a certain way because it worked for you, because your life is completely different to theirs.

So, when it came to this blog, I knew that I couldn't provide all the answers, I can speak from my own experience (and trust me I will), but a great way to add value is to also speak from others experiences. With this thought in mind I had an idea to pull together a small group of great people in the Leeds health and wellness space, and ask them to each provide insight on something meaningful to them that could help others. I wanted each of these topics to be different, and come from people of different backgrounds and demographics.

Now this didn't really play out how I hoped, simply because we are all very busy people so sometimes we just forget or lose interest in things as it stays low (or at the bottom) of our to do list. This meant I didn't get as much back from people as I wanted.

But I did get some input, and with that my idea changed to having individualised blog posts for each person so that I had more time to get the different stories together. Recently I read the first of these, written by a woman named Chloe Moore who is a PT in Leeds, and honestly it blew me away. Even as a man, I could relate to a lot of what she wrote, and the way she set out her story, experiences and life lessons just came across to me in such a powerful way.

So the idea changed once more. What Chloe wrote would be undersold if I put it in a blog post, I needed to tell the entire story exactly how she delivered it to me.

This is where 'Wellbeing Experiences' comes into this post. It's very much a working title, but I've updated my website to include this section by the blog page. What this will ultimately consist of is different stories and experiences of people across Leeds from different areas of the health and wellness industry. But, you get the full story, not a snapshot version that fits in a 3 min read blog post. It's a place dedicated to the values of a balanced lifestyle, where anyone who delves into the experiences can hopefully find some really valuable insight for their own wellness journey.

You'll find it here

All I have left to say is that I'm excited to bring more people into this space, share insight, and help people be the best versions of themselves!

Not much more from me this month, but please read Chloe's story, it's worth it. If you want to speak to her any further, here's her Instagram and I'm sure she'd be happy to help.

Until next time!

Jordan - Founder

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