Where Can You Go To Meet Great People In The Community?!

Updated: Mar 6

Where can you go if you run a small business or have a side hustle, where you can meet like minded people who all want the same thing?

That was one of the questions I asked myself when I started Plexus Wellbeing C.I.C. as I realised there was loads of places for lawyers, accountants, people in construction and so on... And, I didn't have an answer. This doesn't mean there aren't great places/events for the community to meet, but without an immediate answer in my head I felt I should do something about it.

So we started running our events, with the first taking place December 2021, and the second only a few nights ago on 3rd March 2022. It was certainly a risky idea, because if I couldn't think of any already running, did it mean they didn't work? Or weren't worth running?

But after hosting two of these events, I can safely say they are worth it!

For all of you out there who run a small business in the Leeds community, have an Etsy store, go to markets, are an entertainer, or are part of a charity/social enterprise, our events are for you!

How do they work???

We bring together people/businesses from the community in Leeds, to meet, collaborate, learn, and mostly have some fun together. These events vary from casual 'networking', to talks/seminars, to fun activities/entertainment. We're always mixing it up so there's something for everybody.

Our first event was a more casual networking event, a chance for people to meet one another, and just see what happened. We held it at Eat Your Greens on New York Street in Leeds and it was a great night! We had some mulled wine and mince pies (it was Christmas!) and there were a few Xmas jumpers in play.

This showed some interest, next I wanted to add value and give the businesses in the community some valuable insight from experts in the area. So our next event had some time for chatting and a couple drinks, but we also had three guest speakers!

Hosted by Sheaf Street in Leeds, we used their conservatory event space to have these insightful and engaging presentations.

First up was Fiona Bradley from FBcomms, who spoke to our group about brand identity, brand presence and creating content that people actually engage with! This was very popular as social media is a highly saturated space. Fiona is highly successful in this space so we were very appreciative having her down for a talk.

Our second speaker was Russell Harvey - The Resilience Coach, who talked us through business resilience and how to work to our strengths. This acted as good insight to how we can be good business leaders!

Last, but certainly not least, we had the spectacular Sophia Taylor of Apollo Nutrition, and we took a more personal approach, speaking about stress, its causes and how to manage stress more effectively, as well as the support out there! This really had people thinking about our lifestyles, and we'd say to get in touch with Sophia through the link in the image if you want to learn more. She has lots of free resources available on not just stress, but lots of other wellness areas.

The response to this event was wonderful, we've had lots of positive feedback and will definitely be holding events like this again in the future. Plexus is business as a force for good, and we are here for the community.

Now this doesn't mean there aren't already great community events and groups out there where you can meet wonderful people. I've seen this community spirit in some of our independent markets, gyms, studios and more. But I guess I wanted to do something that captured almost everybody in this same community, and bring us all together. Hopefully these events will do just that!

Lets summarise what these events are about:

  1. Meeting like minded people - Being a small business owner can be quite isolating (it certainly has been for me), so we are bringing us all together to support each other!

  2. Learning from experts - Some of our attendees are real experts in their field and are happy to help, either just by chatting at the event, or guest speaking.

  3. Collaboration and Fun! - Meet other businesses you can work with to add value to your products/services and have a laugh with some of our more activity/entertainment focussed events.

So what's next? Well, our next event is April 21st 2022, hosted by Better Days Leeds in the Grand Arcade. We intend to have this as a comedy night, with a few new/local comedians giving us a few laughs during the night!

Would love to see you there! Keep an eye on EventBrite for tickets in the near future or get in touch with me via Instagram if you want to chat!

Jordan - Founder

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