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Wellbeing Experiences

A Place of Real Experiences with Real People

In here you'll find stories and life experiences from real people across Leeds who have faced difficult times in their own health and wellness journey.
In these different segments you'll see their growth, what they've learnt, and what values they now carry forward to live a happier life. 
Follow their stories and see where you can relate. Hopefully you'll find some insight for your own journey.

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Escaping Diet Culture

Chloe Moore

For anyone who's been part of the health and fitness industry, had a fitness Instagram account or even just had a gym based friendship group, you'll have had experience around diet culture. 
Diet culture isn't a fully defined term, but it has a large impact on anyone who is passionate about their fitness and appearance/aesthetics. This impact can be adverse for that persons overall health. 
Chloe is a brave woman who has opened up about her experience in diet culture, providing an in depth narrative from the perspective of a personal trainer.
Read more about diet culture, what to look for, it's impact on people and the wider industry, and how Chloe works with her clients for their overall health.

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